Better Business CasesTM Practitioner Course


This course is structured around the UK Five Cases Model, which provides a disciplined, step by step approach to the development of a robust investment proposal. This Seminar advances participants to a Practitioner understanding of how to apply BBC guidance in practice

The Practitioner Seminar will :
  • Ensure that the student achieves sufficient understanding of the theory and application of the Five Cases Model to allow them to effectively develop and produce a business case
  • Enable students to apply and understand how to tailor the Five Case Model effectively to the development of a business case within an organization environment supporting the approach
  • Help students understand the development lifecycle of a business case and the relationships between the five cases
  • Help students apply the steps in the business case development framework, in order to support the production of a business case, using the Five Cases Model, for a given scenario

    Certification Exam The Practitioner Exam is a 2½ hour objective testing exam. You will be able to access the ‘Delivering Public Value From Spending Proposals’ guide during the exam, but will have access to no other material. There will be 4 questions and 80 question items, each worth 1 mark for a total of 80 marks. You must get at least 40 of the 80 question items correct to pass. The candidate must provide responses to questions presented in the following styles:
  • Classical multiple choice
  • Yes/No
  • Matching
  • Sequencing
    The examination is conducted by APMG, subject to their terms and conditions.
    We will book your examination with APMG. APMG will then contact you by email and ask you to register in their candidate system. They will also let you know how to schedule the date and time you wish to take your examination.

  • Better Business Cases (BBC) - Practitioner Course: $372 AUD
  • Better Business Cases (APMG)- Practitioner Examination Fee : $427 AUD

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