Financial Fraud, White Collar Crimes


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Course Overview

Financial crime at finance markets & corporate level, fraud, money laundering and Cyprus main regulatory provisions and legislation White Collar Crimes (another term for Financial crimes) has gradually become of concern to businesses of the corporate field as well as the financial markets world.

It is generally accepted that the popularity of economically motivated crime and the impact thereof on counties’ economy as well as the markets’ integrity, harms the both development and stability.

Types of conduct where financial crime appears can be subdivided in activities that dishonestly generate wealth for those engaged in the conduct in question and there are also financial crimes that aim the protection of a benefit already acquired or facilitation the taking of such benefit.

The seminar aims to discuss with the participants

  • What financial crime means and when it occurs and the forms it emerges in
  • Main regulatory provisions and legislation in Cyprus and the EU
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Prosecution, sanctions and fines emerging from financial crimes
  • Managing the risk of such crimes within your working environment
  • Case studies
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    Training Objectives

    By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the elements of financial crime and the cases such crime occurs in the corporate industry and financial markets
  • Familiarize with the main regulatory provisions and legislation relevant to fraud, bribery, money laundering in Cyprus, the EU and international markets
  • Apprehend which authorities have the powers of prosecution, investigation and enforcement in cases of corporate or business fraud in Cyprus
  • Learn how to manage the risk in their field

  • Training Outline

    White Collar Crimes – financial crime from fraud to bribery and money laundering
  • What financial crime is and when it occurs
  • Main regulatory provisions and legislation in Cyprus
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Prosecution, sanctions and fines
  • Managing the risk
  • Case study

  • Who Should Attend

    The programme is ideal for:

  • Compliance Officers
  • Marketing Managers and Officers
  • Internal Auditors
  • Internal Lawyers
  • External Auditors, Lawyers and Financial Consultants

  • Industry Expert | Sophia Nearchou

    Sophia is a lawyer in the Compliance department of our firm dealing with Anti Money Laundering & regulatory compliance matters and keeping the firm’s function in line with the law and regulatory requirements.

    During the course of her employment she has gained extensive experience, particularly in cases relating to US sanctions and EU restrictive measures and has been involved in the resolution of arising matters. She has also been in charge of performing due diligence measures and has given legal advice to clients pursuant to the international, EU and US obligations.

    In July 2016, Sophia successfully passed the Financial Services and Regulatory Advanced Examination of the by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), which is recognized by the Charted Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) and which has familiarized her with the regulatory requirements relating to the securities and investments. She further participated on the drafting of advice for clients involved in the sector and assisted in matters including CRS/FATCA reporting and compliance.

    Furthermore, in order to provide more quality to the services and advice offered, during June 2018 Sophia took the examination of CISI on Global Financial Compliance and alongside the Certificate in Global Financial Compliance (Cyprus) which she successfully passed and was awarded the CISI Level 3 Award in Global Financial Compliance. Since then she has been an Associate of CISI.

    More recently, in June 2019, following a successful examination, she has obtained the Worldwide recognized and top level certificate in Money Laundering, the ACAMS certificate and is a member of CAMS Cyprus.

    Moreover, Sophia Nearchou has obtained recently the CySEC AML certificate.

    Training Style

    The programme is designed to deliver knowledge and enhance participants’ skills via short lectures, case-studies, practical examples, real-life simulations. Most of the training will focus in assessing participants’ current strengths and weaknesses via formal assessment tools. Participants will also benefit from discussions and exchange of experiences during the programme and take away the knowledge gained to be transferred at their workplace. Most of the training’s time will be invested in participants understand the subject matter and how to solve problems in similar occasions.

    CPD Recognition

    This programme may be approved for up to 5 CPD units in Financial Regulation. Eligibility criteria and CPD Units are verified directly by your association, regulator or other bodies which you hold membership.

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