Risk Governance Workshop


From 10:00 am until 5:15 pm

At Live Online

€200.00 (subject to 19% VAT)

Course Overview

This programme will provide participants the opportunity to understand how risk management and oversight is achieved through intentional and methodical planning and preparation, underpinned by an enabling risk culture exemplified by the Board of Directors and Senior Management.

With reference to law, regulations, guidelines and best practice, participants will gain theoretical and practical insight into this critical component of an organisations activity that can make the difference between success and failure. Learning will be reinforced by the use of a real-life case study.

Participants will also be introduced to the psychology of risk, and understand how different personalities and profiles are impacted by their risk environment, with discussion on what this means to nurturing an inclusive risk culture.

When implementing risk management and oversight, it is essential for organisations to meet legal and regulatory requirements in a practical way. By attending this course, participants will become familiar with an internationally recognised risk framework and discuss enablers and blockers to its implementation, including an enabling risk culture.

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Training Objectives

By attending the programme participants will attain knowledge and understanding of:

  • The universal applicability of good governance and its application to risk
  • The major components of risk governance
  • The legal and regulatory environment and the resulting obligations on the directors
  • The role and responsibilities of the Board in ensuring a robust risk framework
  • The difference between risk appetite, risk tolerance and risk capacity and how to use them
  • The use and value of a risk register and risk matrix
  • How the Risk Committee supports the Board and works with the Risk Function
  • The three lines of defence and their use, boundaries and interaction

  • Training Outline
  • The Symbiosis of Governance and Risk
  • The DNA of Good Governance
  • Risk Direction v Risk Control
  • The Legal Context
  • The Role of the Board from a Risk Perspective
  • The Risk Universe
  • Nurturing an enabling Risk Culture
  • The Risk Framework
  • Facilitating Risk Governance Through the Organisational Structure
  • Risk Governance and Pillars 1,2 & 3

  • Who should attend
  • Board Members
  • Risk Managers
  • Senior Staff
  • Company Secretary
  • Compliance Officers

  • Industry Expert | Petros Florides

    Petros Florides is an honours graduate and qualified member of four professional bodies with over 25 years financial services experience in areas of private banking, fund management, stockbroking, private equity, proprietary trading and microfinance. He is currently employed by World Vision International as Director of Global Governance for the regions of Europe, Middle East and Asia. Petros has published numerous articles on governance and related areas, and was the lead author of the Code for Public Sector Governance which, after five years of public consultation, was approved by the Cyprus Council of Ministers in July 2019 for implementation. He is also a Non-Executive Director of Windsor Brokers, NetU Consultants, Cyprowealth Advisory Services and Pearlscope. Petros is Co-Founder of the Cyprus National Advisory Council for the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments (‘CISI’), and has also served on its UK Board of Trustees since June 2019. He is also accredited in two different methods of psychometric testing, and integrates an understanding of human behaviour in his teaching of professional and executive courses in the areas of governance, risk, leadership and ethics through CISI Accredited Training Providers. Petros is also a regular speaker at public events on the same subjects.

    Training Style

    Using a discursive approach to sharing key information, critical theory illustrated with practical experience will be conveyed to participants and will be reinforced by mutual sharing and learning.

    After building a solid foundation of understanding, participants are walked-through best practice and technique to ensure a solid understanding of the issues related to Risk Governance.

    CPD Recognition

    This programme may be approved for up to 6 CPD units in Financial Regulation. Eligibility criteria and CPD Units are verified directly by your association, regulator or other bodies which you hold membership.

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