Jarvis Incorporated


Jarvis Inc. (JI), located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was founded by Ray Jarvis. Mr. Jarvis brought to his company over 20 years of experience as a counterintelligence officer with the U.S. government. Since its conception, in 1983, JI has gained worldwide recognition for providing outstanding tradecraft security training and services. JI is a full service security firm dealing with the multi-faceted world of private sector and law enforcement/ government needs. Jarvis Inc. is disabled veteran owned business.

During the past 30 years Jarvis Inc. has conducted Technical Security Countermeasures Services throughout the world. Our clients have included U.S. Government agencies, foreign government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing companies, banks, petroleum industries, etc.


The Jarvis Inc. Training Academy provides specialized technical security training for government, law enforcement and private sector. Areas of instruction include Technical Security Countermeasures (debugging), Video Operations, Covert Entry, Executive Protection, Mobile Surveillance Strategies/Techniques, Audio Intercept and Telephone Intercept. Over the years we have also customized specialized training courses to meet the specific needs requested from military and law enforcement agencies as well as the private sector and corporations.


JI manufactures specialized tactical security products for military, law enforcement and private sector needs.


We provide professional security officers for either fixed post, such as entry gates and security desks and nightly security mobile patrols. For property managers Jarvis offers over night security checks by citywide roving patrols. We provide security for work place violence prevention. We also provide V.I.P. and executive protection services. All of our security officers are licensed and regulated by the State of Oklahoma, Council on Law Enforcement, Education and Training.


Jarvis Inc. conducts in-depth and confidential investigations. Our investigative staff is augmented by a worldwide network of professional associates. These assets provide JI with the capability to perform covert/overt investigative and intelligence operations efficiently, timely and discreetly. All of our investigators are licensed and regulated by the State of Oklahoma, Council on Law Enforcement, Education and Training.


Jarvis Inc. conducts discreet and confidential in-depth eavesdropping countermeasures (debugging) surveys. Our technicians use the most current state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. JI’s technicians provide the most thorough technical security countermeasures services available anywhere.


Our technicians install overt and covert video systems for security and investigative operations. JI technicians customize monitoring and recording systems to accommodate a client’s requirements.

Statement of Capability


The United States government, along with most law enforcement agencies have realized that terrorist’s methods being used consist of I.E.D.’s (improvised explosive devices), suicide bombers, and W.M.D.’s (weapons of mass destruction). This is the reason we are focusing a large part of our resources in supporting explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) organizations.

Our training for the EOD community focuses on the science and methodology of bomb disablement (render safe) operation with emphasis on technologies that are safe for the bomb techs as they protect the public from terrorists whose devices grow more sophisticated and dangerous every day.

Three of the courses listed below (Vehicle Commandeering, Electronics for EOD Technicians and Render Safe Training) were developed at the specific request of our U.S. military clients.

Jarvis, Inc. not only provides training in-house at our training facility, but is also able to facilitate instructors and course curriculum world-wide. We build and cater mission specific courses to our clients utilizing the vast knowledge of our instructor cadre.

As technology as progressed we have adapted and included IT related training and customized courses on a case-by-case basis. Our instructor contacts are qualified to perform an array of courses to meet nearly all demands in the network security, web interface, coding, etc. on a variety of different operating systems.

Government Restricted Courses:

  • Covert Entry
    A course designed for law enforcement, military special operations groups and EOD technicians for lock picking, alarm bypassing, safe manipulation and other methods of entry.
  • Vehicle Commandeering
    This course is designed for Special Forces operators in the techniques of commandeering automotive, marine and heavy equipment when operating in hostile environments where they find themselves in need of quick transportation.
  • Alarm Bypass
    A course designed for law enforcement, military special operations groups and EOD technicians covering intrusion detection/alarm systems and the various methods of defeating them.
  • Render Safe Training
    Training designed for explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) technicians to render safe weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
  • Electronics for EOD Technicians
    This course is designed as a pre-requisite for the “Render Safe Training” course. The course covers the electronics associated with the various WMD’s and IED’s.
  • Audio Intercept
    This course is for law enforcement and government agents having a requirement to covertly intercept oral communications.

Government and Private Sector Courses:

  • Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM)
    This course is designed for government agencies and corporate security departments to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to conduct technical security countermeasures sweeps and surveys.
  • Firearms Instruction
    We offer various levels of firearms instruction from the entry level shooter to the advanced shooter. Jarvis offers custom training for CQB, Sniper/Designated Marksman, Pre-Deployment (for Military/Government), Conceal carry & applications, etc.
  • Video Operations
    This course is designed for government agencies and corporate security departments in the use of video equipment for investigative and covert surveillance purposes.
  • Advanced Criminal Investigation Course
    This course accommodates the needs of government agencies and corporate security departments in investigating complexities of organized criminal and terrorist activities. The curriculum consists of criminal profiling, charting, link association, forecasting criminal activities, and mobile surveillance strategies and techniques.
  • Mobile Surveillance Strategies/Techniques
    This course is designed to provide government agencies and corporate security departments with the knowledge and techniques required to plan and execute complex surveillance activities. This course of instruction also includes on-foot surveillance procedures and the use of covert video/recorders.
  • Executive Protection/Private Security Detail
    This course of instruction is designed to enhance the effectiveness of security professionals who are directly responsible for the well-being of “at risk” individuals and who are relied upon to address a wide range of safety & security issues, while working individually.
  • Network Security
    This course is designed to teach security directors & IT directors the knowledge for setting up a secure network for their facility through design, implementation, and integration.