How To Conduct Third Party Due Diligence


From 11:00 am until 1:45 pm

At Live Online

€220.00 (subject to 19% VAT)

Course Overview

Conducting third party due diligence is by far the most important anti-corruption control, and there are some important differences compared to conducting customer due diligence.

More-over, the upcoming EU legislation in respect of forced labour and environmental risks in the supply chain will broaden the scope of the third-party due diligence. During this training we will discuss the ECMC 8-step approach for third-party due diligence and practice using it.

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Training Objectives

Participants of the programme, will be able to:

  • Understand the important to conduct third party due diligence
  • Identify the third parties
  • Understand and apply the ECMC 8-step approach towards third party due diligence
  • Describe and how to mitigate or reduce risks
  • Appreciate how to perform Third-Party Due Diligence

  • Training Outline


  • Why it is important to conduct third party due diligence
  • How to identify the third parties
  • The ECMC 8-step approach towards third party due diligence
  • How to mitigate or reduce bribery and corruption risks
  • ESG risks
  • Practice

  • Practice with one or more case studies

  • Who Should Attend

    The course is ideal for professionals within the financial services sector, and will be particular benefit to:

  • Compliance and Ethics Managers and Officers
  • In-house counsel with responsibility for compliance
  • Company secretaries
  • Internal Auditors who audit compliance programmes
  • External Accountants who have to form an opinion on compliance risks and controls
  • Investigators
  • Service providers to the compliance community

  • Industry Expert | Geert Vermeulen

    The mission of Geert Vermeulen is to help organizations conduct business in an ethical and compliant way. Geert is specialized in establishing and improving ethics and compliance programs in general and anti-corruption programs in specific. In 2016 he founded ECMC: Ethics & Compliance Management & Consulting. ECMC provides compliance training, consulting services and interim ethics & compliance management. Geert also regularly speaks and writes on ethics and compliance.

    Geert obtained most of his experience in-house as the Chief Compliance Officer of Aon EMEA and the Global Head of Compliance of Damco, the freight forwarding arm of Maersk. He served as one of the Directors of the Netherlands Compliance Institute and has been the President of the Dutch Compliance Officers Association, where he is still the founder/chair of the expert group on Financial Economic Crime and a member of the expert group on Culture and Behavior. He is also a member of the Professional Advisory Committee of the Law Compliance Minor at The Hague University and the Chairman of the co-decision counsel at the Erasmus Gymnasium, the school of his daughters. When he won the National Compliance Award in 2020, he was labelled as ‘the compliance guru’.

    In 2020 Geert launched his new company called ‘The Integrity Coordinator’. This company is an independent, external coordinator of whistleblowing or speak up procedures.

    Training Style

    The programme is designed to deliver knowledge and enhance participants’ skills, through an interactive approach that includes presentations, questions and answers, discussions, best practices and case studies.

    CPD Recognition

    This programme may be approved for up to 5 CPD units in Financial Regulation. Eligibility criteria and CPD Units are verified directly by your association, regulator or other bodies which you hold membership.

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